Curious about bamboo? You're not alone!

Need details about the bamboo we sell or when to plant? We can help! This FAQ addresses the most common questions we receive. As always, feel free to ask anything about our farm, our bamboo, controlling spread, or making a neighbor "disappear behind a wall of green!"

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Frequently Asked Questions -- and Answers!

Q. Do you sell the clumping kind? I don't want bamboo to take over my yard!

Clumping bamboos do not grow well in the climate zone here in Atlanta. They can be kept alive, but can never reach a large enough size to provide an adequate screen for your landscape.

Most people who want clumping bamboos are concerned about root spread. Root spread is certainly something you must consider when planting bamboo. If this is the case, I'd be happy to discuss ways to control spread.

Q. Which bamboo grows well in containers?

Growing bamboo in containers requires more work and attention than growing bamboo in your landscape. Generally speaking, any bamboo can be kept in a container. For the best results, plant the shortest bamboo (at maturity) in the largest container you can find. If you'd like more information about growing bamboo in containers, just ask.

Q. I want to grow something really tall! What do you have?

For the potential for 50 feet and taller, try Vivax, Japanese Timber, Gray Henon, or Moso. Each have their own individual characteristics, so check with us to see which one is best for you.

Q. What's the best time to plant bamboo?

Our plants are stabilized in containers, so you can plant them any time of the year. Summer plantings will require a little more attention to ensure they receive adaquate water until they're established. Digging bamboo from an established grove is a whole 'nother story.

Q. Will you deliver or plant the bamboo at our site?

Delivery can be arranged; however, we no longer offer planting as a service. A minimum purchase is required; delivery charge is based on mileage from our farm to your location. Contact us for details.

Q. We wanted to drive out, but we can't find your address. Where are you?

We don't keep regular retail hours, so sales and visits are by appointment only.

Q. What are your prices?

Prices start at $40 per container. Prices go up, depending on size. Each plant is individually graded and priced. Most of the bamboo we sell ranges from $60 to $80.

Q. How many plants do I get in one container?

Each container contains a single individual bamboo plant, which will have one or more canes per container. Most containers have only one cane, although some have two or more canes.

Q. My bamboo has a lot of yellow leaves -- is something wrong?

Bamboo constantly grows and sheds leaves, and will occasionally go through periods of "leaf drop" when up to a third of the leaves will turn yellow and fall away. This is completely normal. If ALL the leaves turn yellow at once, your bamboo is likely getting too much water.