Argo Bamboo Farm, Providing Bamboo for 17 Years!

We offer the "Wow!" factor: Robust bamboo in containents that give your landscape "instant gratification."

We don't offer shipping; instead, you personally inspect and choose youn bamboo. We don't keep retail hours, so visits by appointment only (we're 35 miles west of Atlanta).

Folks typically plant bamboo because they don't like what they see on the other side of the property line. Be it a electric substation, strip mall, water tower, or the neighbor's ugly RV, we can help you make it disappear behind a wall of green!

Despite COVID-19, we are still in operation and can provide the bamboo you need for your stay-at-home landscape project!

How To Buy From Us

1. Contact us via e-mail to schedule a visit.
2. Come to the farm, select your bamboo, and take it home!

Prices start at $40 per container. Prices go up with size and grade. Most of our bamboo ranges from $60 to $80.

Current Weather at Argo Farm:

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Argo Bamboo Farm was featured on DCTV23!